A quick guide on communication, by Celeste Headlee.

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There are several theories out there to explain how human-beings started talking and communicating with each other. However, we know for sure that we have been communicating with each other for over a million years.

Some theories support that language evolved as a part of mating. …

Book summary of Thank You For Arguing, a masterpiece on the art of argumentation.

I grabbed one of the copies of the book Thank You for Arguing once I have heard that there is an updated version. This book is all you can dream for to learn about arguments and changing someone’s mind.

According to a study, even in our families we spend 49…

Tips and tricks from the book Decisive.

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1- 4 Villains of Decision Making:

  • We face a choice, but we narrow it down to our own frame. This leads to missing better options.
  • We analyze options and collect facts but we favor the information that we would like to be true. This creates a self-serving cycle, leading you…

I was on the lookout for best tactics and practices to solve problems, better, faster, safer. This article is a quick summary of the book called Bulletproof Problem Solving. One of the best book on the topic from top-notch consultants.

  1. We have 7- Steps to take to solve the problem…

Ultimate guides to your career ladders as a leader.

Lately, I have been reading a lot of books about leadership and coaching. In order not to miss anything, I have done my lessons and compiled an ultimate list.

Below, you can find the best books on leadership and coaching in no particular order. …

MindMap Summary Challenge #2

The mindmap summary journey continues with the book titled “Coaching Habit”

Below are the 5 most important takeaways from the book.

  • 1 The importance of questions

In the introduction part author states that, the road to big discoveries goes through good questions. So whenever you feel…

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